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Hi Walt and Janet,

Enjoyed meeting you this past weekend.  I visited your website; you have some very nice images.  I particularly like the three horses galloping.  Great Image.   I also like the "Space Water Tower". 

All good images and a nice clean web site. 

Good luck to you both,

Byron Jorjorian
Byron  Jorjorian Photography
P.O. BOX 306
Thompson Station, TN 37179
PHONE (615) 599-9823


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Byron Jorjorian has been capturing the natural world on film for 29 years. With over 140,000 images in his files, his photographs have appeared on nationally and internationally published brochures, calendars, CD-ROMs, magazines, greeting cards, video programs, advertising, and in hundreds of publications such as:

Time Magazine
National Wildlife Magazine
National Geographic Books
National Parks Magazine
Audubon Field Guides
Sierra Club Publications
The Nature Conservancy Magazine
Outdoor Photographer Magazine
Smithsonian Books
Travel Holiday Magazine


Went out to take a peek at your website.   I liked what I saw--the format, but especially the images.  You have some really beautiful work!  You should be proud of it. You also do what we do--put both our names on the images.  You're right; there are not that many couples out there doing this.  In fact we've had several people bring their spouse to a workshop and ask us to get them interested so they can photograph together.  It's really rewarding when it actually happens.

Keep up the great work!

Tom & Pat Cory
Cory Photography
P.O. Box 42
Signal Mtn., TN 37377
Phone: 423-886-1004

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Tom & Pat Corey have been involved in photography for many years. Working as a husband/wife team they conduct a number of photography workshops locally, nationally and now internationally each year.  Their work has been published in a number of calendars and publications such as Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photographer, and Blue Ridge Country.  Tom also works with environmental portraiture. Pat specializes in video and has released two videos. 

They have published two books, Scenic Chattanooga and Beyond, a guide to natural areas within 75 miles of Chattanooga, and recently released the 5th edition of their popular instructional book, Notes from the Field.

Article in Huntsville Times 08/2004

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Article in Huntsville Times 06/26/2004

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