Photography Classes by Walt Schumacher

Sponsored by the Huntsville Art League

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Principles of Photography; Film or Digital-

This class will start with the basics of photography, and show how it has developed.  We will then deal with topics like: exposure, depth of focus, camera "shake", shutter speed, focal length, good composition, film selection, and digital imaging issues.  Sizing digital images for printing vs. email,  Making slide shows and CD's.  Matting and framing photographs.  Bring your camera, your camera manual,  and questions!

Digital Printing with Photoshop Elements-

How to get digital files into the computer.  Cropping and sizing for email and printing.  "Global" changes:  color adjustment, contrast, brightness and saturation.  "Local" enhancement: spotting, red-eye, burning, dodging and cloning.  Filters.  Copying, cutting and pasting.  Type & Layer Styles.  Profiling and printing.  Using pictures with MS Word to make business cards, labels, etc. Click HERE to watch a Photoshop Elements demo.

Website Construction-

It's easier than you think!   Have your own website: "" for less than $4/mo!  If you can crop and resize a photo, type a letter, and move files on the computer, you can have your own website.  You can do it all with free programs, downloaded from the Internet... and a little training!   (Great for artists who want to advertise their work!)

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